stretch-faking smears to make cutout animations look hand drawn


My animation workflow right now is like this
1- make keyframes with tweens disabled to make sure the posing is strong
2- tweak the curve graph between each frame to improve the timing of the tweens. Incredibly useful, you can make overshots and slow ease-in with no extra keyframes
3- On key moments individually pose each frame, even add fake smears(hand drawn motion blurs) trough stretching to give it a bit of a sakuga/anime feel.

That’s why the slash here doesnt look like cutout animation. You could just draw motion blurs and import them as parts but I’m trying not to clutter the ram of the iOS this will eventually run on.

Spine animation, bezier graphs rule!

it is confusing and annoying making models, exporting them correctly, placing every part one by one on the skeleton for each frame…..

But atleast the movement graph is fun! except for some overshots on the hands and legs on the second to last frame, all that animation was done by just tweaking the curve individually for each part =O gee, and I’ve been such a snob about non-hand tweening.

First puppet animation test


first test at puppet animation salvaged from Spine Trial. Trying to get the hang of the tools, auto tween based timing and breaking the model to get away from the typical puppet look.


-click if you’re interested in the expanded timeline-

So many keyframes…at this starting pointit feels a little like wrestling with the auto tweens

Having a discussion about my learning puppet at pixelation if anyone wants to check it out.